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Tuesday, March 07, 2017 Tim Blog 2168
Nobody works because of work alone. We now live in a world, where more and more complex tasks require the true integration of people into something bigger than themselves. What do I mean by that? I watched neuroscientist Gerald Hüther lecture: We have solved most “fundamental problems” and in order to solve even more complex unanswered questions, it takes more than one brain to achieve results. He basically concluded: we need to link brains together in order to achieve great results. But our current school system breeds individuals that are not allowed to do real team work , until they are 18 years or older. Because if you were to work “as a team” in a math exam, your teacher is required to not let you pass. If you are “discovered” you are considered a cheater; a fraud. Here is your F back.
Thursday, March 02, 2017 Tim Blog 2339
Are you a leader? Do you motivate people and work with teams? If so, you have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that is worth sharing.