Are you a leader? Do you motivate people and work with teams? If so, you have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that is worth sharing.

 Each episode of the podcast is centered around a few questions:

  • What is your personal leadership philosophy?

  • What makes a successful team?

  • How do you motivate yourself and others?

  • Do you intentionally use metaphors in team-building?

 And my 1-Million Dollar Question is:

  • What do you think about a chicken coop in your company that is being used as a leadership tool, to motivate employees and to offer a space to clear your mind?

Interview Process

I will join you in your office and set up professional recording equipment. During our recording, I am going to moderate and dig in deeper to your answers. If you live far away - let's record an online call.

The recording session should take no longer than 2 hours of your time and I will gladly answer your questions before we meet.

Each interview partner will be featured on my website with a short portrait of their professional career. New features every week.

All episodes of the chicken management podcast are also listed in the iTunes podcast library.

After our interview session, I am going to edit the recording in preparation for the release. Each episode will also include a short written summary to be published on the chicken management blog. Once the work is done, I am going to send you the link to your interview and schedule a release date.

This podcast is launching right now

You have probably wondered by now: where can I listen to some episodes of your podcast? For now there are none! This project is being rolled out right now and the first interviews are being scheduled. So why should you take part in my project?

  • Podcasts are on the rise
  • You will gain exposure
  • Your knowledge is being recorded for eternity
  • Listeners will learn from your experience

Leave me your email address for a chance to be featured. I will contact you shortly to schedule an interview session.

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