It's like an office kitchen - but cleaner.

Think of a conference room that’s energizing.

A motivational event but longer lasting. 


Now imagine your office has a chicken coop and you and your team have built it. Your flock is the pride of the employees and it brings people together across all departments. Managers use the chicken chores to synchronize with each other. Whenever new clients visit your company, a tour to your feathered friends is a welcomed ice breaker.

Use a metaphor to transport a message more visually.

I have discovered that chickens are such multifaceted animals, they have an abundance of behaviors that can teach us about ourselves. Let them serve as a mirror to get management and employees to reflect upon their own environment and behavior. With a flock of chickens you have all the metaphors needed to improve your workplace. (And get fresh eggs).


The book answers the question: “can you use a chicken coop for team building, motivation and leadership?” with a clear: YES!

Chicken Management outlines how to strengthen a team and use chicken coop dynamics to achieve better results at work. Then it highlights why animals are a motivating factor and explains how leadership can be trained and improved with a corporate chicken coop. It gives you an idea on how to plan and execute a kick-off event and features methods to create a more fulfilling and enjoyable workplace. It introduces you to chicken keeping 101 and enables you to build your own chicken coop with confidence.

Share your experience, get help and feedback online.

You are not alone on your journey! I have created an online community and you can access it in order to share your design plans, ask questions about chickens, and learn how other companies have introduced them into their company. I am excited to hear how your team reacts and in which way your human resources department takes advantage of this leadership tool.

Having the “excuse” to go out to your chicken coop is a motivating factor.

With keeping chickens, you are creating a list of chores for yourself. This gives people a welcome break from their work. It is a reason to leave your desk and step into a different world for ten minutes. I haven’t seen a coworker that refused to let themselves get distracted for a few minutes by doing some silly stuff. Additionally, if you follow the latest research, you can’t be convinced that humans can do productive work for seven hours and sixty minutes at a time nonstop. In fact, the opposite has been shown to be true: if you introduce short breaks, your overall productive time while “working” has been shown to increase.

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