The Corporate Chicken Coop Building Event

Employees design and assemble a chicken coop

Chicken Management is an ongoing tool for team-building, motivation and leadership; kicked-off by an inspiring event.

Chicken Experts

Our chicken experts are trained in providing a great chicken coop building experience. They answer your staffs questions, know how to create a healthy and clean environment and help during the planning and building.

The chicken experts are also facilitating the team-building, motivation and leadership aspects of the Chicken Management book.

The chicken coop building event can be utilized as an event-module during other important annual events such as your anniversary, a summer fest, a product launch or a merger.

We offer

    • Putting together your chicken coop comission
    • Finding the right location
    • Getting permits and permission
    • Setting up teamwork
    • Using project management and collaborate
    • Choosing the right materials for your chicken coop: Out-of-the-box chicken coop, new materials or recycling and up-cycling materials.
    • Placement of water, feed, roost, nesting boxes and your tools
    • Planning the outdoor areas and your chicken run
    • Accommodating for a pleasant stay
    • Considering delivery of feed and bedding material
    • Working with tools, cutting wood and assembling your chicken coop.
    • Hosting workshops for your staff: chickens 101, ..

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