The Corporate Chicken Coop Building Event

Your employees design and construct a chicken coop

Chicken Management is an ongoing tool for team-building, motivation and leadership; kicked-off by an inspiring event and you can read more about it in our book.

Chicken Coop Builders

Our chicken experts are trained in providing a great chicken coop building experience. They answer your staffs questions, know how to create a healthy and clean environment and help during the planning and building.

The chicken experts are also facilitating the team-building, motivation and leadership aspects of the Chicken Management book.

The chicken coop building is an event-module for your important annual events. Cluck up your anniversary, a summer fest, product launch or merger.

  • Assisting your chicken coop team
  • Finding the right location
  • Getting permits and permission
  • Planning your kick-off event


  • Choosing the right materials for your chicken coop: Out-of-the-box chicken coop, new materials or recycling and up-cycling materials.
  • Placement of water, feed, roost, nesting boxes and your tools
  • Planning the outdoor areas and your chicken run
  • Accommodating for a pleasant stay
  • Considering delivery of feed and bedding material



  • Working with tools, cutting wood and assembling your chicken coop.
  • Hosting workshops for your staff: chickens 101, ..



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Motivational Event Production Northeast Ohio

The chicken coop building event is a kick-off event production made in Cleveland, OH. The concept is made to fit small businesses and corporations. Enjoy a day outdoors and work together as a team. Building a chicken coop requires power tools, a square and some chicken math. That all makes for a fun adventure that your colleagues will love.

Plus the chicken coop can either stay in your company, you can have it as a cool prize for your raffle or donate it to a school or child care facility in your area.

This activity is made to be complementary to the sit-down and speaker parts of your event. It brings everybody together and lets them get their hands busy.

Join our chicken coop event team

We are growing our team nationwide to provide the best chicken coop event anywhere in the United States.

A great alternative for your next corporate event in Cleveland, OH.

We are growing our team nationwide to provide the best chicken coop event anywhere in the United States.

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